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Isabela Quito Villanoy is a graduate from the University of Toronto and a Filipino creative storyteller based in Canada. She is also the founder of two online communities on Instagram called Ihayag and Sa Pagitan, communities that aim to reveal and proclaim the stories of Filipino/a/x immigrants and Filipino/a/xs in the diaspora living in Canada. Her work has been published in The Mike, MNERVA Literary Journal, Her Campus U Toronto, The Foolscap Journal, Cambio & Co., and Pinay Collection. Isabela dabbles in various creative passions related to reading, drawing, music and photography. You can also find her on her blog:



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Angela Ciceron is a 2nd year student at the University of Manitoba, pursuing a degree in Global Political Economy. Prior to joining the editorial team in Sa Pagitan, she served as editor-in-chief of her junior highschool publication. She also wrote and photographed for OMundial, a local Portueguese newspaper. Today, she writes and edits for The Arts Tribune, an undergraduate literary anthology for the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba. At age 12, Angela started writing short fiction and found great joy from it. Today, she wanders the Canadian prairies with the same zeal and inspiration and uses it to fuel her poetry and songwriting. 




Bianca Garcia is a fashion researcher who strives to participate in fashion as a creative means of resistance, disruption, and world-building. She has organized community events such as fashion shows, drag shows, protests, fundraisers, and workshops. As a stylist, Bianca has collaborated with LGBTQIA+ people of color seeking to nurture their artistic expression through clothing. Bianca is working toward her Master of Arts degree in Fashion from Ryerson University, and her major research project is about the intersection of queer and Filipino/a/x identities.

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