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  • Jasmine Segismundo


Updated: Dec 22, 2020

"Tahanan" artwork using watercolour by Jasmine Segismundo

There was a time when I found it hard identifying one country, either Canada or the Philippines, as my home. For some time, whenever someone asked where I am from, I always asked if they mean the city I currently reside or the town I grew up in back in the Philippines. I had a hard time with that ordeal because in my mind, I should have been able to claim a place as my home instantly. As an immigrant, I felt as though I was not Canadian enough to call Canada home, and as a Balikbayan, I felt I was not Filipino enough anymore to call the Philippines home.

It took some time to accept that I should not disregard one for the other just so I can have one place to call home. They are both home. I am loved, respected and cared for in both places. I am in between both cultures, in both worlds and that is perfectly okay. Home is in between.

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