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  • Pao Vergara

Recollections, May 11, 2019

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Photo by Alex Vans-Colina on Unsplash

Originally hand-written in my journal

Dried fish hawkers

The smell of rotting lazones on loam

soil, the salt of the sea borne on the

breeze, the soft tramping of dried fish

hawkers along the coast. My father

tried, my mother tried, but the water,

which connected the northern coast of

Mindanao to the southernmost

Visayan islands, only separated my parents.


Pao is a creative based in Metro Manila whose works have appeared in Youngstar PH, ANC-X, Scout Mag PH, Northern and Southern Living, and Art Plus Magazine. In truth, all Pao wants is to become a cat whisperer. (This one's for the Fajardos who once lived in Sta. Lucia.)

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