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  • Kijji Papica / @sqouachey


Original artwork by Kijji Papica / @sqouacheyart


It is inevitable that there are versions of you in people's heads from your past actions. Through this, you are morphed into a mirage where your worth is either your most aching, ill-spoken mistake or failure as a human, or an achievement only deemed as such based on their own standards.

What they don't truly see is who you are is not what you have done, but what you are doing.

There's this sense of spiritual relief, a breath of fresh air, an awakening, from freeing myself from anyone's self-imposed expectation of success. This allows me to see my truest self through my own lens of acceptance, awareness, and love. I let go of other's expectations, thoughts, of me, as I realized I can give myself that which I can only give myself—the validation of "I am enough", "I am worth it", and most of all, "I am proud of myself".


Kijji Papica / sqouachey

Kijji is a speech and language pathologist by profession. In the quest to find balance in her life, she currently finds her peace of mind, soul, and heart lies in her creations (or art babies) with gouache. Check out more of her works through her Instagram account @sqouacheyart.

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